grumpydad (grumpydad) wrote,

"Wonderful dreams of the blissfully ignorant"

Yeah another dream. I'm in a rush to get some stuff taken care of then head to legal aid. I'll keep it short and edit it later to give details. I jsut want to get it down before I forget it.

So I am up in NY again. It's winter time. I live in a small house that I am familiar with. I am headed to bed after just getting a shower. I am wearing a white terycloth robe walking down a long hallway. Then "the" girl comes out from around a corner in front of me weidling a bright red firemans axe with a pick on the back side of it. However it's more like a giant pair of scissors however still an axe. I say out loud, "It's a trick! Get an axe!" as I finish saying that, she starts screaming like a banchee and charges me. I turn around and start to run, and as I jsut about make it to the corner there she is again. Swinging neck level at me with the giant scissors axe. I duck and she swipes my head with the side fo the axe making my head ring like a gigantic sunday church bell.

More to come.. things to do right now.

After much thought, I've decided not to post my nightmares up here. I had one taking a nap today too. It's hard to keep up. But if you want to know how this story ends...its bloody, very bloody. The oddest part of the dream is a bathtub full of breastmilk that I end up falling into at some point...anyhow... Have a good one...

Oh yeah...Lawyer said everything I knew he would say. Cept that I don't have to file for full custody. If CPS tells me I don't rate to be a father to my son because I didn't go after full custody, he said come back to court with that, and he would love to fight that case.
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