grumpydad (grumpydad) wrote,

Again, it's been a while..

Life sucks like a $2 hooker on coupon night. AGAIN. REVISITED. PART 2.

I am to tired to care anymore.
I don't care because I am over whelmed.
I am over whelmed because PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
I know People are stupid so I look for help elsewhere.
I look everywhere, there is no help.
I am going on 9.5 Months now, and life isn't much better.
I don't know, where to go? who to turn to?
I can't do this anymore, it's driving me insane.
I need help. It's not out there.
I don't have a faimly so faimly services wont help me.
I can't work so unemployment wont help me.
I don't have any money, so I will be homeless soon.
I wont have a home soon, so I'll never be able to support my own son.
I hurt.
I am tired of hurting.
I am to tired to care anymore.
I have lost 3 jobs due to my migraines and medications.
I can't think straight hardly anymore.
I need someone to take care of me until this is over.
I know there is no one out there that can.

It's allways got to be "I", me. Doesn't it? Of course. I'm selfish, I'm uncarring. I'm Matt. I'm an asshole. I...

...I... promised someone I would go lay down for a while. G'night.
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