grumpydad (grumpydad) wrote,

So far today...

So legal aid for child custody I called...

-"Wrong county sir, please call..."
-"Cant help you sir please call.."
-"Oh we don't deal with child custody cases but you can try..."
-"Yes sir we can help you with this..."

"YEAH!!! WOO-FREEING-HOO!!!";I silently scream in my head.


"Oh man not again, not again. Please God not again..." I cry to myself in my head.

-"...We are currently by apointment only, and we are not accepting any schedualing until Wednesday or Thursday of next week (Sept 7th or 8th)"

"That isn't quite so bad." I think silently, and I then say outloud, "So when will apointments begin?"

-"...We will begin secdualing for September 21st, first come first serve, so whoever gets to us on the phones first, gets the sooner apointments."

"Oh God, the 21st?" I wimper quietly in my head, "I don't think I can do nothing until then!" I continue. I then speek up and take my licks like a good little piss ant and say, "Thank you for your time, I will be calling back on Wednesday morning."


This is just a normal day in my life, something to tack on to another horrable moment in my life. When I sit here in complete horror listening to someone say that my child is going to have to deal with whats going on at that house he stays in until they have time for me. Until they can get me a court date, until I can come up with the $220 in fileing fees and God knows what else I will be hit with. ALso, this isn't saying at all that they can help me, it is just saying that they will talk with me and find out if they can.
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